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Remember the laughter, the tears, the love. Celebrate your life in an enchanting & interactive coffee table memoir book.

Leafing through a Book
How It Works

We engage in heartfelt conversations with your cherished ones via video calls, delicately curating their fondest memories and captivating stories.


Our seasoned team meticulously transcribes these conversations, seamlessly weaving them with the shared photographs to craft an initial draft, awaiting your approval.


The bespoke memory book is then sent to your family, serving as a timeless treasure to be cherished for generations to come.


I used HappieClub service to get the memory book for my grandmother and it was such a pleasant experience. Highly recommend it. 

Priam Sen

I asked the good folks in HappieClub to make memory book as gift to my maneger in office. All my colleagues loved it. Highly recommend it. 

Akshaya Kashyap

I was unsure of it when I started. But this came as a pleasant surprise when the book came to me. It has become the ice-breaker in any family gathering :-)
Customer Testimonials
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